About Lotus Floral Art

Lotus Floral Art

‘The Earth laughs in flowers’   – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Flowers never fail to make me smile, from the simplicity of a daisy to the fullness of a peony. I am known to squeal with delight when I see blossom and welcome each new bloom to my garden as it emerges!

The seeds of my company started when I was planning my wedding in Italy. I was looking for an alternative to fresh flowers that I could buy in the UK and take with me, but the problem was I love flowers so much I could not bear not to have anything but the real thing. Then I came across dried flowers and it seemed to answer all my wishes.

The dried flower has all the beauty of a fresh flower and has the major advantage of lasting for years when looked after correctly. This means they can be kept as a memento and I also feel I am doing my bit for the planet by reducing waste, which is sadly what a fresh flower becomes after a short time.

Dried flowers also have a unique charm of their own, they fit in perfectly with a vintage or country style theme and range from subtle hues to bright splashes of colour.

My flowers are mostly English grown and local whenever possible. Some are bought in already dried with lots dried by myself. All my items are lovingly designed to fill any purpose that a fresh flower would.

Please have a look in my Etsy shop here or get in contact with any ideas & I will be happy to work with you to design your bespoke long lasting floral art pieces.

Katie x